Our Customer Voice

Layla M.

Founder, CEO of DeeJay Layla

AB Maintenance really outperformed my expectations. I needed a Kitchen created in a place where a Kitchen didn’t exist before. He installed the proper water pipes, drains and created a Kitchen of my dreams. All from nothing. The price was very reasonable for the effort and time that was spent. He is a perfectionist and tries his best to make sure you are happy. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs anything fixed or created. You won’t be disappointed.

From Yelp

AB Maintenance helped us with adding a room in the building we were leasing for a small office. They were extremely professional and they went above and beyond when it comes to helping us. I wish we took before pictures of when there was no room at all, but they also helped us with furniture assembly and made this office match the rest of the building. Personally, a modern look would have been more appealing. However, we would have had to renovate the entire building and we are not ready to do that. I will have to say that AB Maintenance did an excellent job and matching all the carpet and trims to make it look seamless. I will have to say that we would definitely hire them again when we upgrade.

From Google

Shervin B.

Founder, CEO of Secret Social Service Inc.

Mike O.

Salesforce Associate, Homeowner

While I was on a trip to San Francisco, my wife called me to tell me that our heater broke. At night, it gets pretty chilly where we live. I searched online and found AB Maintenance. I am grateful that Ali picked up the phone and was able to get it fixed within 24 hours. He was really professional and was able to tackle the issue without overcharging me, unlike many other companies out there. When it comes to his inventory of tools and supplies, I was surprised to find out that he has everything you need. If you are looking for a handyman, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

From Yelp

At AB Maintenance, we’re all about making our clients happy. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and delivering outstanding results to our clients. Our top priority is to give you the best service possible and leave you with results that will make you smile. We’re dedicated to understanding your needs and finding the perfect solution for you. Whether you need a problem fixed or you’re looking to create your dream home, we’re here to help. So, sit back and relax, we’ve got this!

AL Founder, AB Maintenance